Italy Verona Trip

  have recently been on a very delightful trip to Italy for a week.  I want to talk about the food that was had in a very charming hotel called ‘Casa del pellegrino’.

The hotel was large and spacious with the new extended building blocking the view of the Basilica that we visited later on, the next day. 

I and many others stayed half board at this hotel. The breakfast was very good,  an assortment of cereals, assorted cold meats, jams and spreads and the traditional scrambled eggs and grilled bacon, with copious amounts of  Italian coffee from the coffee machine. 

The evening meals were a little disappointing, although there was a different starter every evening of the week starting with a pasta, the main course was not as Italian as I had hoped.  Our meals were wholesome and filling but they were not Italian.  We had breaded chicken and chips, roast pork with gravy and potatoes with parsley two nights in a row. Roast lamb that looked exactly like the roast pork that we had had for two nights previously and a leg of roast chicken with roasted / fried potato wedges. Each evening we were given a bowl of salad to accompany our meal. The desserts did not fare much better either.  Two nights we had a cold dessert that was coffee flavoured and a shop bought cake that could have done with some cream, as this dish was quite dry.   On the whole a pretty average meal. It did what any meal should do, fill you up and keep you satisfied until breakfast!

However when I visited Verona with my new found friends we sat at a Bistro outside the Arena. The pizza that my friend chose was visually appealing and tasted very good compared to the Margarita pizza that she had sampled a few days earlier. 


A very delightful looking pizza depicting the Italian flag. 


I have only recently started to drink coffee in the mornings as a wake up technique, so I and my new found friends visited a very delightful café that was part of an Italian university. 


Having decided to visit we were presented with a cold cup of coffee dusted liberally with cocoa powder.  A glass each of ice cold water and Italian ginger biscuits with wafer thin pieces of chocolate to accompany our coffee. 

A cold coffee did not stir in me the desire to try it, but I did and found that I was drinking coffee through a green foam of mint which sat on top of the coffee. Although the coffee was strong it seemed to go very well with the mint foam and dusted cocoa powder.

I am not sure if it would take off in London, but who knows you never know. 

When the coffee had been drunk I used my biscuits to scoop out the mint foam, very nice with the biscuits that came with it.