Koffmanns Visit

 This week I was delighted to secure a part-time position in an area of employment that I have thouroughly enjoyed for years. As Wednesday the 11th November was Armistice Day I was due to meet one of my best friends for dinner at Koffmanns at the Berkeley. It is without doubt my favourite restuarant.If money were no object and I could not put on weight, I would eat there every day! 

As this was now my fourth visit to Koffmanns I now felt like a veteran and so ordered my usual  which was PIED DE COCHON TANTE CLAIRE,  in English means pigs trotter stuffed with sweetbreads and morels.  I have had this dish four times and I cannot recommend it too highly.  It is an amazing dish. For dessert me and my friends plummed for the SOUFFLES AUX PISTACHES ET SA GLACE. In English pistachio souffle with pistachio ice-cream.

This dessert is made fresh so when your dinner plates have been collected then you order your dessert and you do have to wait 15 minutes exactly for the pudding to cook and to rise.  It is very impressive when it is brought to the table and a quenelle of pistachio ice-cream is lowered into the centre of the souffle. The combination of hot souffle and cold ice-cream is truley magical. My friend loves it and it is not a dessert that she will share with anybody, so you do have to order your own!