Dinner at Le Gavrouch

I went to Le Gavrouch to celebrate my good friends’ birthday with her husband last Thursday evening. Le Gavrouch is a two Micheline starred restaurant run by Michael Roux junior. The food was amazing.  

A sommelier was the first to serve us our drinks and so we settled for pink champagne. I had a portion of roast foi gras and my friends both had scallops and shrimps. Our main courses arrived in beautiful plates which was covered by a polished silver dome to retain the heat. I had the pork with mushroom ravioli with apple sauce gravy. Lara had the lobster which was beautifully cooked and her husband had the fillet steak medium rare with morels and dauphinoise potatoes.

For dessert Lara and I had the chocolate, praline mousse garnished with edible gold leaf. Whilst Luke had the rhubarb with ginger and shortbread with rhubarb sauce.