Personal Hygiene – in a kitchen environment

Outside clothing

It is best practice when arriving to work to store coats, hats and bags away from the kitchen area. This is to prevent dust, germs, and grit from the outside clothing contaminating the kitchen area where food would be prepared, cooked, served and stored.


As our hands carry germs from the air and where we have touched it is important that our hands are washed. Even before putting on the kettle to make teas, coffees and other hot drinks!
Hands must be washed at a designated ‘Hand Washing Sink’, not the sink that you would use to wash food, or wash saucepans and dishes in.

Hand washing procedure

A. Wet hands thoroughly under comfortable hot running water.
B. Apply a small amount of anti – bacterial soap and rub your hands together to create a lather.
C. Wash the front and back of your hands and rub them together vigorously. All parts of the hands and wrists must be washed. This process should take about 1 -2 minutes to achieve.
D. Rinse the hands thoroughly under comfortably hot running water.
E. Dry your hands using disposable paper towels. (Do not use a T-towel, as you will be re- contaminating your hands with germs that are already on the T-towel).
F. Turn the taps off using a clean paper towel. (The use of the clean paper towel to turn off the taps helps to ensure that your hands stay clean).

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