I love working with food…

I love working with food. I am a chef.
I have had a very varied career in catering and despite the changes that I have seen, I still thoroughly enjoy working in the catering industry.

There are lots of good L2 Food safety courses that are available on line.
However as I have come into contact with volunteers who are working in different environments providing much needed food, warm and a social environment I thought it would be a good idea to compile a brief outline of Food safety for Volunteers. Much of the information has been pared down, so it is easy to read with a brief explanation of why a process or task has to be followed in a particular way.
I hope you enjoy the information.

As mentioned before if you wish for further information do enrol for an online food hygiene course it will equip you further with knowledge for this varied and interesting catering career.

Lara Akin

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