Food Delivery and Storage

Food delivery + Storage
to the premises where the food will be stored, prepared, cooked and served

Beverages; Tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinks. All beverages have a long shelf life for up to 18 months. However once the packages are opened they must be stored in air tight or pest proof containers.
Milk; store up to the date as printed on the bottles. Long life milk is a good alternative however once it is opened it must be treated as fresh milk and used up after three days.
Biscuits; to be stored in air tight containers after opening, and not on plates or bowls and left out. Biscuits left on plates encourage mice and pest to the area so always ensure that the food is out of sight.

Convenience and homemade cakes; follow the dates on the packages and store all items when opened in air tight containers and never on plates covered with cling-film.
All dried foods must be stored off the floor and in date order. First in first out.
Chilled foods must be stored in fridges that operate at a temperature of between 1°C and 4°C to ensure that food is held at 5°C. Keep food covered labelled and dated at all times. Check the contents of the fridge on a daily basis. Chilled meats are to be stored at the bottom of the fridge in trays with high sides.

Frozen food should be stored in freezers at -18°C or below. Store frozen food immediately it is delivered. All food should be wrapped well to prevent freezer burn through loss of moisture.
All packages should be in good condition. Do not accept goods that are of poor quality and if the packages are out of date or are damaged.
Fresh fruit and vegetables – need to be in good condition. Crisp, fresh and healthy and heavy for their weight. Fresh fruit and green vegetables stored in fridges with plastic wraps removed.

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