Food Safety for Volunteers

This is online information prepared especially for those who work volunteer caterers.
If you work as a volunteer for the Church as part of the ‘Food Bank’ services, or you work in a community café helping homeless and those living in hostels or shelters where there is very limited cooking facilities then, there is information here that will be useful.

These are the subjects that will be covered;

1. Personal Hygiene – in a kitchen environment
2. Food delivery – to the premises where the food will be stored, prepared, cooked and served
3. Food preparation – in the premises where food will be cooked and served
4. Food cooking – in the premises where the food will be served
5. Food storage – in the premises where there is left over food and fresh food that is surplus to requirements.
6. Shelf life of certain food products – fresh and convenience foods
7. Recording evidence of good practice
8. Cleaning – in premises where there is no dish washer.